Monday, July 21, 2008


Just thought I'd mention that I finally fixed the download page's link to my old music as Deporitaz, which includes pretty much every song I released from ages 12 to 16.

I'm also working on getting the official forums restored to working order. I just have to wait for my host to install the 130 MB database file containing all the post and user data from when the forums were last operational earlier this year.

p.s. Remember to pre-order View-Monster!

Friday, July 18, 2008

View-Monster now available for pre-order!

Current release date is August 1st, though this is just to be safe-- hopefully it'll be ready to ship even sooner than that!


Includes 16 full-on songs, 16 special transition tracks, 16 bonus songs, lyrics, trivia, and high fructose corn syrup.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lemonic Demonade

I just remembered this news section existed-- here's what's going on with Lemon Demon!

First of all, the new album is very close to being announced and put up for pre-sale! Keep an eye out here.

Second of all, on August 3rd, 2008, the third annual Lemonic Demonade will be happening, same place as usual. Click here for the FaceBook event page. If you happen to have a FaceBook account, please RSVP!
We've had this same party/show thing the past two years and it is always lots of FUN! Lets try to make this year even better! We will have a moonwalk (bouncy house thingy), hamburgers and hotdogs, lemonade and other drinks, cotton candy and other fun snacks, music and dancing, and other totally awesome things! MAYBE EVEN A CLOWN.

At some point in the day Lemon Demon will be playing a set for your entertainment, and we will also have an open mic for other people to come up and play because we don't have hours worth of material, so bring any instruments and any audial components you wish to entertain us with!

You're welcome to bring snacks, beverages, and any various knick-knacks you think will add to the party (example: a real working android, if you happen to have one or two.)
That's the description. The last two years were barrels of geeky fun for all, I assure you.
Here's the address:
15 Summer St
Kingston, MA 02364
Festivities start at noon and stretch on into the night. Wooooooooooooooooooo!